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UTC/GMT Offset Actual offset : UTC/GMT 0 hour
No offset at this time
Coordinates Latitude : 14° 38' north
Longitude : 17° 27' west
Astronomic Observations Sunrise at : 07:07 am
Transition hout : 01:14 pm
Sunset at : 07:21 pm
Duration of day : 12 hours
Civil twilight start at : 06:46 am
Civil twilight end at : 07:43 pm
Speaking clock Information

for DC Metro (Northern Virginia) - +1 703 844 xxxx
for DC Metro (Maryland) - +1 301 844 xxxx
for Columbus, OH - +1 614 281 8211 (commercial, time and temperature, weather forecast courtesy of WCMH-TV); +1 614 469 1010 (operated by WBNS-TV; TV news promo, time and temperature [also relative humidity in summer], weather forecast)
for Baltimore - +1 410 844 xxxx
for Boston, MA - +1 617 637 xxxx or +1 617 637 8687 (AKA +1 617 NERVOUS) (time and current temperature)
Maine (entire state) +1 207 775 4321 (hours and minutes only, current temperature in Portland, ME)
for Chattanooga, TN +1 423 265 1411 (hours and minutes only, weather and commercial)
for Oklahoma City, OK +1 405 599 1234 (starts with commercial, provides time (no seconds) and weather forecast)
for Dallas, TX - +1 214 844 xxxx or +1 972 844 xxxx
for Helena, MT +1 406 442 1730 (starts with commercial, provides time (no seconds) and current temperature)
for San Antonio, TX +1 210 226 3232 (Operated by Frost Bank; starts with commercial, provides day and date, time (no seconds) and current Downtown temperature)
Every ten seconds, a voice announced the time of day according to this formula: "Good (morning / afternoon / evening)
At the tone, (time zone) (standard / daylight) time will be (hour):(o'clock / minute) (exactly / and (n) seconds)," followed by a one-second tone
There was a brief, albeit noticeable pause between the minutes and the seconds announcement, as the seconds portion was a separate recording
The seconds portion was always given in multiples of ten, or was omitted for the word "exactly"
For example, such as message could be:
"Good morning At the tone, Pacific Standard Time will be 9:52 and ten seconds tone" or
"Good morning At the tone, the time will be 9:52 and ten seconds tone"
Before the Bell System divestiture, the caller would first hear a brief promotional or informative phrase, and then a brief weather forecast
For example: "A long-distance call is a smiling, happy way to visit Ohio Bell time (n)..."

Source : Wikipedia